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IHT and MATS Admission Result 2016-17

IHT and MATS Admission Result 2016 publish on 23 August. IHT & MATS Admission of session 2016-17. Bangladesh Medical Assistant Training School (MATS) and Institute of Heath Technology (IHT) admission notice for session 2016-17 has been published on MATS official website and Daily National newspaper as well. Mention that, The admission test is compulsory for the students who want to admit in Govt and Non Govt institute.

MATS Admission session 2016-17 for all department, applications are invites from Bagerhat, Kustia, Noakhali, Sirajgonj, Tangail, Faridpur and Jinaidha those 8 institute of MATS Under Health Ministry for 3 years course and 1 year internship diploma. Also 8 institute of Health Technology (IHT), Dhaka, Rajshahi, Bogra, Chittagong, Barisal, Jinaidha and Sylhet 03 years Diploma in medical technology.

Apply Online (SMS) in IHT and MATS Admission 2016-17 of DGHS

You can apply in MATS and IHT diploma in technology through Teletalk SMS only. Online application will be available for only “Admit Card Download” of MATS admission test exam. Below we are give the SMS apply system step by step.

SMS Method of Application:

1st SMS:
DGHS <> 1st 3 letter of SSC Board<> SSC Roll <>Passing Year<> Choice1 choice2 <> Division Code And send to 16222

Exp: DGHS<>DHA<>254698<>2016<> 11, 94 <> 1<> and send to 16222

For Quota

1st SMS : DGHS <> 1st 3 letter of SSC Board<> SSC Roll <>Passing Year<> Choice1 choice2 <> Division Code <> Quota (if any) And send to 16222

Exp: DGHS<>DHA<>254698<>2016<> 11, 94 <> 1<> FF and send to 16222

Return SMS: You will get a PIN Number

2nd SMS: DGHS <>Yes<> Pin No<> Exam Center<>Your Contact No and Send to 16222

DGHS <>Yes<> 3726283 <> 81 <>01711000000 and Send to 16222

MATS Admission 2016-17 Apply eligible and qualification recruitment

  • Candidate must Bangladeshi by birth
  • IHT and MATS admission test will be helf same time and sane question.
  • Education Qualification: Candidates must be passed SSC or equivalent from 2012-2016 with minimum 2.5 GPA and Biology subject compulsory.
    O-Level or foreign students must collect Equivalence Certificate and ID code from Director, Medical Education by pay 2000/-.

Important Date and time:
Online Application Start: 17 July 2016
Application Deadline: 31 July 2016
Admit Card Download: 14 August to 17 August 2016
Admission Test (Exam): 19 August 2016
Result and waiting list: 23 August 2016

Download the Result as PDF file with Waiting list

MATS Admission 2016-17 Admit Card and Seat Plan Download

IHT and MATS admission test and written exam admit card download will start on 14 July. Also candidate will notify for admit card date and Seat plan by mobile SMS which number is provided during application. Download link will available after application process.
MATS Admission Notice 2016-17

IHT & MATS Admission Result 2016-17. 1st and 2nd Merit list

As you know the IHT and MATS Admission Test result will publish on 23 August in the same 1st merit list also will publish. We will update here the result and 1st merit list. After one week 2nd merit list also be published. So please visit this site again for further deaths and this admission.

Admision Test Result:

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  10. How i seeing the waiting list , please help . Or give your fb account please .

  11. mahinul islam shakib

    amar roll 930879

  12. MATS EXAM. Roll – 930529. Result ver korar system bujtecina.Bol-le upkrito hobo.

    • Roll No. 930529
      Student Name Fatema Akter
      Test Score 45
      Merit Score 136.2
      Merit Position 7476
      Alloted Institute

  13. mahinul islam shakib

    930879 roll ta dekben ki???

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  16. mahinul islam shakib

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  17. pranto chakraborty

    870200 Ai roll ta dakban plz

    • Roll No. 870200
      Student Name Marufa Sultana Tithy
      Test Score 52
      Merit Score 133.2
      Merit Position 8643
      Alloted Institute

  18. Vaiya plzzz ai rool ta 830590

    • Roll No. 830590
      Student Name Mst. Suraya Akter
      Test Score 37
      Merit Score 129.2
      Merit Position 10163
      Alloted Institute
      Status Waiting-27:IHT-Bog: Physiotherapy

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  20. mahinul islam shakib

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    year :2017-16
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  22. Roll number-810145. aktu bolben ki merit list. Thanks to confirm.

  23. amar roll 830103.amar result ta bolen plz??

    • Admission Result

      Roll No. 830103
      Student Name Mst. Ripa Khatun
      Test Score 51
      Merit Score 151
      Merit Position 2526
      Alloted Institute
      Status Waiting-75:Mats:Bagerhat

  24. amar result ta akto bolen. 830103

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    • Admission Result

      Roll No. 830343
      Student Name Mst. Sanzida Khatun
      Test Score 44
      Merit Score 138.4
      Merit Position 6680
      Alloted Institute

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  31. Roll no 830455
    Please help

  32. tushar Vai please 830334roll ta bolban please

    • Admission Result

      Roll No. 830334
      Student Name Md. Khalid Hasan
      Test Score 59
      Merit Score 159
      Merit Position 1009
      Alloted Institute IHT-Bogra:Physiotherapy
      Status Merit

  33. roll 920067 result ta ki aktu bolben plz

    • Admission Result

      Result Search box a search korle to paren.
      Roll No. 920067
      Student Name Lamyea Tasmim
      Test Score 42
      Merit Score 128.6
      Merit Position 10360
      Alloted Institute

    • Admission Result

      Roll No. 920067
      Student Name Lamyea Tasmim
      Test Score 42
      Merit Score 128.6
      Merit Position 10360
      Alloted Institute

  34. ROLL – 930529.
    BUT, RESULT — ROLL – 930529.
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    Result please

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  38. 960941 result bolon

    • Roll No. 960941
      Student Name Sobul Chandra Deb
      Test Score 41
      Merit Score 109.8
      Merit Position 14602
      Alloted Institute

  39. tushar baiya amar rull 880696

  40. result search box ta kon address a gele pabo…..
    please,,,full details ta bolun…..

  41. baiya amar roll…. 880696

    • Roll No. 880696
      Student Name Habibur Rahman
      Test Score 60
      Merit Score 158.8
      Merit Position 1325
      Alloted Institute IHT-Sylhet: Laboratory
      Status Merit

  42. my roll 930381

  43. Vaiya amar roll 250763 plzzz result janan.

  44. Dear. this is Amith Hasan. My roll number is 810451 or serial num-10089

  45. Biya amr roll:840522

    • Roll No. 840522
      Student Name Fazlur Rahman
      Test Score 36
      Merit Score 129.8
      Merit Position 9565
      Alloted Institute IHT-Chittagong:Radiography
      Status Extra Merit

  46. roll 920725 result ta ki aktu bolben plz

    • Roll No. 920725
      Student Name Toukir Ahmmed
      Test Score 31
      Merit Score 95.4
      Merit Position 15781
      Alloted Institute

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  48. Md.Amjat Hossain

    my roll 840264
    pls check my results

    • Roll No. 840264
      Student Name Md. Amjad Hossain
      Test Score 40
      Merit Score 121.2
      Merit Position 12245
      Alloted Institute

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    • Admission Result

      Roll No. 810469
      Student Name Abu Aual
      Test Score 46
      Merit Score 137.2
      Merit Position 6987
      Alloted Institute

  67. md.shojib ahamed

    Roll No.940097
    Student name shojib ahamed
    Test Score 5^2
    Merit Score 125.4
    Alloted Institute. IHT; Rajshahi: Rideography

  68. Abu saleh mohammad nasrullah

    roll 830640 result daken plz

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  70. Roll.940097
    Student name. Shojib ahamed
    Test Score. 52
    Merit Score. 125.4
    Merit Position. 10945
    Alloted Institute: IHT Rajshashi Rediography
    Status: Dhaka

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    • Roll No. 811415
      Student Name Md. Golam Mostafa
      Test Score 58
      Merit Score 139.2
      Merit Position 6237
      Alloted Institute
      Status Waiting-11:IHT-Dhk: Physiotherapy

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